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Join the May Coffee Crew Affiliate Program and champion our mission to celebrate Vietnamese coffee, promote a more inclusive coffee culture, change the narratives, and dare to be different. We're seeking passionate content creators and influencers who share our values and want to make a difference through their content. Join us in spreading the word about our journey and earn commissions as you advocate for exceptional coffee, sustainability, and a vibrant coffee culture


May Coffee Crew, a Kiwi-Vietnamese family venture passionate about uniting diverse flavours and cultures through our love for coffee. Our exciting mission? To amplify the unique charm of Vietnamese coffee by sharing its bold flavors and captivating culture, curating an exceptional experience just for you. And here's the twist—our spotlight is on the resilient robusta bean, a true hero in the world of sustainable coffee. How are we doing it? We've crafted our own direct-trade supply chain, building strong bonds with Vietnamese farmers and roasting our beans fresh right in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand. This means we're not only serving up the freshest and finest coffee for your community, but we're also making a positive impact on both farming communities and the environment. Fair pricing, transparency, and a whole lot of coffee love—our affiliates play a key role in sharing this incredible story. Join us in this vibrant coffee adventure and let's spread the coffee love together


We're seeking for affiliates to join the May Coffee Crew family—editors, content creators, and bloggers who share our passion for celebrating diversity, sustainability, and brewing happiness through exceptional coffee experiences! If you: Embrace Diversity: Value and celebrate the richness of different cultures, just like we do with our Vietnamese coffee offerings. Champion Sustainability: Make eco-conscious choices and believe in a sustainable future, just like we advocate for the robusta bean. Love for Exceptional Coffee: Share our enthusiasm for bringing out the best in coffee, from its origins to your cup. At May Coffee Crew, we believe in more than just a great brew. We're fostering a community that supports one another, brewing happiness and sharing in the love for exceptional coffee. If you resonate with these values and want to spread the joy of our unique coffee journey, then you're the perfect fit for our family. Join us in this exciting coffee adventure, where we celebrate diversity, sustainability, and exceptional coffee experiences together!" ☕🌟🌿

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Cultural Celebration

Join us in celebrating diversity and unity through the joy of coffee, blending the rich flavors of Vietnam with the Kiwi spirit.

Daring to Be Different

Challenge stereotypes surrounding Vietnamese coffee. Uncover the untold story of hardworking farmers and innovative approaches that create exceptional coffee.

A Family of Flavors

Indulge in a symphony of coffee flavors – delicate Arabica and robust Robusta. Each sip is a journey through diverse lands and tastes.

Sustainable Sips

By choosing us, you're not just enjoying great coffee; you're supporting farmers who champion sustainable practices, creating a positive impact on communities and the environment.

Empowering Robusta

Discover the strength of Robusta coffee, a key player in the fight against climate challenges. Your choice helps secure coffee's future.

Beyond Coffee

Our mission extends beyond the cup. We forge direct trade relationships, fostering transparency and fair pricing, enriching lives of farmers and communities.

Join the Movement

Be a part of a movement that transcends borders and expectations. Embrace Vietnamese coffee and change lives one cup at a time.

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