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Celebrating Diversity Through Coffee: May Coffee Crew's Mission

May Coffee Crew is a family-owned Kiwi-Vietnamese company with a mission to celebrate diversity through coffee. We're dedicated to sharing the rich flavours and culture of Vietnamese coffee, spotlighting the resilient robusta bean, and transforming the industry. Our direct-trade relationships with Vietnamese farmers and roasting in Auckland, New Zealand, foster transparency, fair pricing, and sustainability, benefiting both regions and farmers while delivering the freshest and finest coffee to you.


Kiwi-Vietnamese family owned

Only the best beans hand-picked at peak ripeness

100% pure coffee beans roasted in NZ

Ethically sourced farm-to-cup trade

Proudly promoting all coffee types, including Robusta

Lily's Journey: Rediscovering Vietnamese Coffee

Lily's journey begins with a cherished childhood memory of sipping robust Vietnamese coffee brewed meticulously in a traditional Phin filter by her father during the final years of high school. These treasured moments, coupled with late-night study sessions over bowls of instant noodles, provided a comforting embrace. After immigrating to New Zealand at the age of 19, her coffee memories took a backseat as she embraced new cultures and languages. However, after completing her studies and working for an international coffee company, her quest to rediscover those incredible flavours led to an unexpected revelation—the specialty coffee world was missing the vibrant essence of Vietnamese coffee.

Embracing the Dream amidst New Responsibilities

With her extended family residing in Vietnam, Lily's bonds with the country's culture, food, and coffee were profound. The desire to reshape the narrative of Vietnamese coffee gradually took root, though it would be a few years before circumstances aligned for her to embark on this transformative journey. The arrival of her first child, Jeremy, a couple of years ago introduced new responsibilities that temporarily put her coffee dreams on hold

A Spark of Courage and Renewed Aspirations

As Jeremy reached his second year, the path ahead started to clear. Amid fewer day-care interruptions and sickness, coupled with Jeremy's growing independence, Lily found herself with a renewed opportunity to revisit her coffee aspirations. However, turning this dream into a reality requires dedication, hard work, and resources, especially when challenging the prevailing industry narrative about Vietnamese coffee

From Words to Wings

As Lily found herself settled in a comfortable job, perhaps too comfortable, reluctant to take a leap of faith. It was a heartfelt gift from Garett, a book for her first Mother's Day, that stirred something within her. The book, dedicated to their son Jeremy, carried a powerful message: "Courage can let us try many new things. It helps us to blossom, it lends us strong wings. For being the brave person he looks up to." These words ignited a spark in Lily, propelling her to set an example for Jeremy, to embrace courage, and to chase her dreams. But now Lily's husband, Garett, emerged as her unwavering supporter, propelling her towards her aspirations and instilling confidence. Garett's invaluable international trade and procurement experience came in handy when establishing these international sourcing and logistic relationships. Their shared determination culminated in the birth of May Coffee Crew, a venture wholeheartedly devoted to unveiling the hidden narrative of Vietnamese coffee. Their mission was simple – shine a spotlight on the remarkable coffee of Vietnam that often goes unnoticed. You might be surprised to learn that Vietnamese coffee could already be part of your daily cup, but Lily and Garett are determined to bring visibility to this origin of coffee bean. They've paved a unique path to directly source coffee from Vietnamese farmers, ensuring that the stories and flavors behind each bean can be savored by all by sharing culture and history with every single sip. So, as you savor the exquisite taste of May Coffee Crew's brew, remember you're experiencing more than just coffee. It's a blend of love, a moment of fun, many cherished memories, and a new coffee journey—a journey to celebrate diversity, change narratives, and embrace your unique coffee adventure. Who knows, with each sip, you might discover a new favorite flavour you never knew you needed in your life!


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Brewing Happiness: More Than Just Coffee

The slogan 'Brewing Happiness' encapsulates our belief that the simple act of brewing and sharing a cup of coffee can bring joy and connection to people's lives. Coffee, a universally enjoyed beverage, has the remarkable power to foster meaningful connections and create moments of happiness. It's not just about the beverage itself; it's about the conversations had over a cup, the laughter shared, and the bonds formed. In the hustle and bustle of life, finding happiness in the little things, like the aroma of a fresh brew or the warmth of a coffee mug in your hands, is a reminder of life's simple pleasures. 'Brewing Happiness' signifies our dedication to crafting not only great coffee but also nurturing those moments that enrich our lives, reminding us that happiness is often found in the small, cherished moments we create with each other over a simple cup of coffee.

Why we are called "May Coffee Crew"

The Essence of “May” - Where Clouds Touch the Sky and Heart In Vietnamese, “May” translates to “cloud,” and this holds immense significance for us. Just like clouds embrace the sky, our coffee beans thrive on the high altitudes of the mountains, reaching for the heavens. This not only symbolizes the elevated regions where coffee trees flourish but also reflects the journey our beans make, traversing the distance from the highlands of Vietnam to the land of the long white cloud - Aotearoa. Moreover, “May” holds a special place in our hearts as it's the birth month of our son, Jeremy. A name intertwined with family, growth, and a vision for a brighter tomorrow.

May Coffee Crew: Brewing Joy and Building Connections

“Crew” - A Community of Coffee Enthusiasts: “Crew” encompasses our brand's very essence - a community, a family, a friendly gathering of individuals passionate about coffee and life. We envision May Coffee Crew as more than just a brand; we see it as a welcoming crew of like-minded coffee lovers who brew happiness together. Together, we're on a mission to foster a space where every coffee sip not only delights the taste buds but also nurtures connections. We stand for the joy that comes from sharing stories over a cup of coffee, the warmth in extending a helping hand, and the happiness in building a tight-knit coffee community. With May Coffee Crew, we invite you to be part of this crew, a community that embraces the love for coffee and spreads the warmth of togetherness. Let's brew happiness and create beautiful coffee-filled memories, one cup at a time. So, here's to the clouds that touch the sky and the communities that touch the heart!

What does the logo represent?

The unique “A” in our logo, embellished with arms and a traditional Vietnamese conical hat called “nón lá,” is a heartfelt tribute to the resilient Vietnamese coffee farmers, reminiscent of their hardworking spirit on the coffee-growing mountains. The hat symbolizes their dedication, and the arms depict their strength and resilience. Beneath the “MAY” letters, a gentle curve represents the coffee-growing highlands, underscoring our dedication to valuing direct trade with farmers, supporting small businesses, and placing them at the core of our brand. This logo encapsulates our commitment to fostering a tight-knit community and honoring the farmers' invaluable contribution to the coffee journey.

Patterns Unveiled: Cultural Harmony in Coffee Cups

Imagine a magical world where the lush greens of New Zealand and the cheerful fantails dance merrily on the coffee trees of Vietnam. Envision this enchanting scene forming the heart and soul of May Coffee Crew's brand story. Just as May Coffee Crew blends cultures by bringing the flavors of Vietnam and New Zealand into a delightful cup of coffee, all with the message of 'Brewing Happiness.' It's not just coffee; it's a tale of unity, where the sun symbolizes embracing differences, and the fantails embody the spirit of our beloved guests who come to visit. Every time you savor a cup of May Coffee Crew coffee, you're savoring a story of cultural fusion—a story that celebrates the harmony and joy of shared moments.


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