Our values

Celebrating Diversity Through Coffee: May Coffee Crew's Mission

At May Coffee Crew, our mission is deeply ingrained in a rich tapestry of values that define our essence and purpose. From the very start, we've aimed to cultivate a vibrant community that embraces and celebrates diversity and inclusivity. We strive for May Coffee Crew to authentically mirror our diverse community, where we find strength and beauty in our differences. We pride ourselves on fostering genuine connections over a cup of coffee, encouraging open conversations about mental health, and providing a supportive space for everyone to be their authentic selves. The core value of 'Small Business, Big Impact' isn't just a tagline—it's a commitment to direct trade that uplifts farmers, preserves their lands, and supports fellow small businesses. Our dedication reaches beyond coffee; we acknowledge the profound influence of our brand and the responsibility it entails. This commitment is an ongoing promise to our community—a promise to utilise our platform to cultivate inclusivity within May Coffee Crew and drive positive change, striving for a fairer and more equitable coffee industry and beyond.

Bring Others Along

As the pioneers of Vietnamese specialty coffee, we joyfully celebrate our unique blend of Vietnamese and Kiwi cultures, infusing a modern twist into traditional Vietnamese coffee flavors. We're all about shaking up the norm, championing inclusivity and diversity in the world of coffee. Join us as we redefine the coffee experience and promote a rich tapestry of cultures

Fail Forward

We don't shy away from failures, but embrace them as learning experiences to constantly improve the customer experience. Every comment and feedback we receive is a precious asset that fuels our growth and helps us continuously improve


Our brand slogan "Brewing Happiness" embodies the connections and bonds we foster over a cup of coffee. We strive to normalise discussions around mental health and building a community that cares, shares, and stands together


We are fostering direct trade relationships that profoundly affects farmers and the lands at coffee origin. We prioritize collaborating with other small businesses, ensuring our trade not only benefits our partners but also leaves a positive footprint on the communities and ecosystems where our coffee originates. We believe in amplifying our collective impact through ethical sourcing and sustainable practices


We don't strive for perfection, but strive for progress. We encourage an open dialogue about imperfections, fostering a supportive and understanding community where we celebrate uniqueness and growth


We're all about being genuine and true to ourselves. Comparison isn't our style. We celebrate authenticity and embrace our differences. You won't catch us boasting as the best brand out there, because that's not what we're about. We're just us, and that's pretty awesome


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