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Celebrating Diversity Through Coffee: May Coffee Crew's Mission

May Coffee Crew is a family-owned Kiwi-Vietnamese company with a mission to celebrate diversity through coffee. We're dedicated to sharing the rich flavours and culture of Vietnamese coffee, spotlighting the resilient robusta bean, and transforming the industry. Our direct-trade relationships with Vietnamese farmers and roasting in Auckland, New Zealand, foster transparency, fair pricing, and sustainability, benefiting both regions and farmers while delivering the freshest and finest coffee to you.

What does "DIRECT TRADE" coffee mean with May Coffee Crew

What is the process of direct trade, and how is it permitting us to receive and sell premium coffee beans? Most importantly, how are the farms positively benefiting from the direct trade process?

What makes us really stand out? We're all about ensuring our amazing farmers in Vietnam get a fair deal for their hard work, paying significantly over market to ensure the best quality coffee and a sustainable future

Once picked, coffee cherries are processed and packed for a sea adventure

At the core of direct trade is simplicity and transparency. By managing the supply chain and logistics ourselves, we ensure more goes directly to the farmers so they earn a sustainable wage

We're brewing positive change in coffee villages and their communities

Elevating farmers' livelihoods

Bringing you the freshest and finest coffee

The Misconception About Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnam is the world's second-largest coffee producer, yet Vietnamese coffee often gets unfairly labelled as cheap, lower grade and quality, and requiring the addition of condensed milk to make it taste good. This perception has arisen from major corporations and traders focusing on maximizing profits through unsustainable coffee pricing and the lack of education and investment in these farms and their coffee producing capabilities.

Empowering Vietnamese Coffee Farmers for a Sustainable Future

But here's the cool part: farmers can make amazing coffee if they use new and smart ways of growing and processing the beans. The problem is that many people still think that “robusta” means bad coffee, so the farmers can get stuck in a vicious cycle of only producing lower grade coffee as that is all they believe the market demands. In a bid to improve their quality of life, a lot of farmers are selling their land to housing developers just to get by, but this means their future generations won't have farmland to continue growing coffee and has significant impacts on the environment. For example, Dalat is a coffee growing region in central Vietnam which used to be a French village during the war, and the effects can be seen throughout the impacted communities here as farms are sold off – we hope you can now see why we're super serious about changing how people see Vietnamese coffee and the impacts it can have on the country, it’s people, and the climate.

Elevate the familiar flavour with our premium Robusta beans


Robusta coffee delivers real energy without the jitters. Plus, save money by drinking less!


Giving robusta beans the bold flavor profile we love.


Robusta coffee has up to 80% more antioxidants than arabica beans.

MORE resistant

Robust and thriving through climate change.

Bold & Smooth

Strong and chocolatey flavour profile, low acidity.

The Distinct Qualities of Arabica and Robusta Coffee

The two most common types of coffee can be divided into two sub-categories: arabica and robusta. You've likely had both species without knowing it: if you've ordered coffee at a coffee shop, you were probably sipping on arabica beans and perhaps a blend of both beans, while many instant coffee blends have been made from robusta beans.

The Rising Popularity of Robusta Coffee in the Face of Climate Change

Generally, arabica coffee is more delicate and fruity, and can be challenging to grow and sensitive to fluctuations in growing conditions and plant diseases. On the other hand, robusta tends to be heartier (more “robust”), it can grow at lower elevations, has roughly double the caffeine as arabica, and has more resistance to common coffee plant diseases. So why isn't it as popular? Robusta has been hampered by the perception of its flavour and quality in comparison to arabica. Robusta was in a lot of grocery blends you might find in cans and in instant coffee, which set the perception that it was inferior. Its reputation has become so low that many coffee brands use marketing lines like “100% arabica” to communicate that no robusta is used in efforts to better sell their coffees. Once despised and considered the “ugly sibling”, now robusta coffee, named after its strength as it thrives even in harsh conditions, has better yields, and requires less rainfall, is rising in popularity. Numerous environmental studies have come to an arrestingly dire conclusion: we're at pace to lose 50% of suitable growing areas for arabica coffee by 2050 due to climate change. Vietnam supplies over half of the world's robusta coffee and will be playing an increasingly crucial role in rescuing coffee from the impacts of the climate crisis.

Revolutionizing Coffee: Embracing the Richness of Vietnamese Robusta

We’ve always been a bit of a trailblazer in New Zealand, from pioneering women's suffrage, inventing the bungy jump and conquering Mt Everest. As the first specialty Vietnamese coffee brand from New Zealand, May Coffee Crew takes pride in showcasing the diversity of coffee origins and the array of flavours that both robusta and arabica beans offer. Defying the misconceptions surrounding Vietnamese coffee and the robusta bean, our mission is to reshape perceptions, and we extend an invitation for you to join us on this journey.
While the prevailing trend in the specialty coffee industry leans towards 100% arabica beans from Africa and South America, we embrace a divergent path by establishing direct trade relationships with Vietnamese farmers, constructing our unique supply chain, and spotlighting the merits of robusta beans. By excluding robusta beans from the specialty coffee community, we inadvertently inhibit robusta farmers worldwide from advancing their products and livelihoods – and the truth is, robusta coffee is nothing short of delicious! Take a leap and savour the taste, sharing your thoughts with us.



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