Vietnamese Phin Filter
5 min prep time


  • I am a popular coffee brewing tool, imagine if a V60 Pour Over and a French Press had a baby!
  • Eco-friendly with no waste required from paper filters
  • Great for travel, light and easy to use
  • Medium-fine grind 

Recommended coffee: Buffalo, get it here

The Robusta beans in this signature blend are indicative of Vietnamese coffee culture.

Grind size: Medium-fine grind 

    There's no set rule as how to brew your coffee. Try our recommended guide below, or freestyle on the water / coffee ratio until you find your personal preference 

    What you'll need
    • Single serve recipe below:
    • 1:5 Coffee to Water (eg: 20gr coffee to 100ml water)
    • 2 Tbsp of Robusta coffee
    • Vietnamese Iced Coffee recipe:
    • 2Tbsp Condensed Milk
    • Ice cubes

    Step 1

    Heat your water to around (90℃) - just below boiling


    Step 2

    Set up your filter plate on a mug and place the chamber on top of the filter plate


    Step 3

    Add 2 Tbsp of medium-fine ground coffee into the brewing chamber, lightly shake the chamber


    Step 4

    Place the filter insert on top of the coffee grounds (no pressing needed)


    Step 5

    Add about 20ml of hot water on top of the filter, let it "bloom" for 30 seconds


    Step 6

    Slowly fill the chamber with hot water, leaving room for the lid. Pop the lid on and LET IT SLOWLY DRIP! (4-5 mins)


    Step 7

    For Vietnamese Iced Coffee recipe: Adding 2 Tbsp condensed milk (single serve), stir well. Fill your glass with ice cubes. Have a sweet tooth? Double the condensed milk. Enjoy!


    Traditional Vietnamese Coffee MUST TRY

    100% pure robusta, Buffalo is a bold, powerful yet smooth, clean coffee that effortlessly complements milk. Giving you that double shot of caffeine without breaking the bank.   Not just about exceptional flavour and a strong caffeine punch; Buffalo is also a nod to tradition and the hardworking water buffalo that have worked alongside Vietnamese farmers in the rice fields for centuries. And just like the strong and powerful Buffalo, this coffee will keep you energised to ensure you stay on top of your daily grind.   Indulge in a cup that's strong, bold, and smooth, delivering a full-mouth experience with a delightful hint of chocolate. Straight from farm to your cup through direct trade, it's the perfect blend that respects tradition and taste.
    Best seller

    Crowd Pleaser - East Meets West

    Our signature robusta and arabica blend – a match made in heaven! Honeymoon is recommended as a great starting point for those looking to introduce themselves to Vietnamese coffee with something a little familiar but also a little different.   This exquisite blend brings together the powerful essence of robusta balanced against the smoothness of arabica. It's a marriage of flavours that will sweep you off your feet and keep you coming back for more.   Experience the best of both worlds with Honeymoon – a blend that captures the essence of Vietnam's diverse coffee culture with a modern twist.

    The Classic Flavour You'll Love

    Sunshine stands out with its exceptional smoothness and low levels of acidity, like a ray of sunshine in your cup, radiating with light and sweet nuances to elevate your coffee rituals to a whole new level.   Not only delighting your taste buds but also embodying a commitment to empowerment and equality, this coffee is produced by the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA) cooperative in the northwestern region of Son La, Vietnam. This group's mission is to amplify women's participation and representation in the coffee sector, improving the quality of life in coffee-producing communities.   Sunshine stands as a shining example of the unique opportunities and support provided to women in the coffee industry. 


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