Sipping Excellence: The Rise of Specialty Vietnamese Coffee

9 February 2024

Coffee Bean Farmer


Vietnamese coffee has long been celebrated for its bold and robust flavours, typically crafted for traditional brewing methods like the Phin filter. However, in recent years, a quiet revolution has been brewing within Vietnam's coffee industry— the rise of specialty coffee!


The Birth of Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

Specialty coffee is a term used to describe coffee produced with exceptional care, focusing on the unique qualities of the beans and the distinctive terroir of the region where they are grown. This coffee category pays homage to the craftsmanship involved in producing high-quality beans and the art of brewing coffee.

In Vietnam, this coffee movement gained momentum as a generation of coffee growers and roasters began to prioritize quality over quantity. The shift towards specialty coffee can be attributed to several key factors:


  1. Embracing Quality Over Quantity:

Vietnamese coffee producers are increasingly shifting their focus towards producing smaller quantities of high-quality beans. The emphasis is on meticulous farming, harvesting, and processing methods to preserve the unique characteristics of the coffee.


  1. Sustainable Farming Practices:

Many Vietnamese coffee farmers are adopting sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices, such as shade-grown cultivation and organic farming. These practices not only benefit the environment but also enhance the flavour profile of the coffee.


  1. Coffee Varietals and Blends:

Specialty Vietnamese coffee often features a diverse range of coffee varietals and blends. These varietals can introduce new flavour profiles, enticing coffee enthusiasts to explore unique taste experiences.


  1. Artisanal Roasting:

Artisanal coffee roasters have emerged, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the process. They experiment with different roasting profiles to bring out the best in each coffee bean.


  1. Local and Global Recognition:

Specialty Vietnamese coffee is gaining recognition both within Vietnam and on the global stage. It has become a part of the thriving global specialty coffee community.


The Impact of Specialty Vietnamese Coffee

The rise of specialty coffee in Vietnam has a multifaceted impact on the industry and the community:


  1. Empowering Local Coffee Growers:

Specialty coffee often commands higher prices, benefiting local coffee growers and motivating them to invest in sustainable farming practices.


  1. Enhancing Coffee Quality:

The focus on quality results in coffee beans with unique flavour profiles that are appreciated by coffee connoisseurs.


  1. Strengthening Local Coffee Culture:

Specialty coffee is fostering a deeper appreciation for coffee within the local community, inspiring a coffee culture that goes beyond traditional coffee styles.


  1. Attracting Coffee Tourism:

Vietnam's specialty coffee industry is drawing coffee tourists from around the world, curious to explore the origins of their favourite brews.


  1. Elevating Coffee Culture Globally:

Vietnamese specialty coffee is contributing to the global coffee conversation, bringing its own set of flavours and stories to the global stage.


The Future

As the specialty coffee movement continues to gain momentum, it's an exciting time for Vietnamese coffee. The focus on quality, sustainability, and innovation is not only elevating the local coffee industry but also inviting coffee lovers worldwide to explore the unique flavours of Vietnamese beans.


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